At Spurt Industries, it’s all about good, clean dirt.

aboutFor more than 15 years, Spurt Industries has been a commercial compost processing facility and wood waste recycler dedicated to producing top quality soils, soil amendments and wood mulches for contractors.

Spurt’s mission is to find alternative uses for organic waste products, reducing the need for landfill space and preserving and renewing the environment. The result is a broad product line of nutrient-rich soils and finely textured mulches – or good, clean dirt.

Spurt soils are designed to enhance and maintain plant and soil conditions, with precise formulas created especially for specific uses, such as lawns, flower beds or gardening.

We produce two different wood mulches, one designed to maximize soil nutrients and one that is certified playground-safe material created for play areas.

Spurt Industries is committed to serving a broad range of clients throughout Michigan – with 2 locations in West Michigan and one location in the Detroit area. Our educated and experienced staff can answer any questions about soil or mulch and help determine the best product for your application or use.