Where are you located?

Our address is 2041 Charms Rd, Wixom 48393. We are at the Resource Recovery Complex of the City of Wixom. If you want to visit our facility, once you’re inside the complex, follow signs for SPURT, and you’ll find us behind the DPW building. We are open Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm.

Is your compost safe for vegetable gardens and farms?

Yes, our compost is completely natural, produced at high temperatures and finely screened. It’s also regularly tested for nutrient content, organic matter, pathogens and more, as part of the Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program by the US Composting Council. It’s used by farmers for certified organic production and many residents in the area for vegetable gardens.

How far do you deliver and what’s the cost?

We deliver all over Metro Detroit, the delivery fee is based on the exact location. Contact us now for a free quote.

How many yards can you deliver?

We have 3 types of deliveries: small deliveries (3-10 cubic yards), semi-trucks (30 cubic yards) and big deliveries (50 cubic yards).

What kind of material can I dump at your facility?

We accept organic waste: yard waste, brush and logs, food scraps and clean dirt. If you have any other organic waste, contact us to see how we can help.

How does the Food waste collection work?

If your business wants to be more sustainable and start recycling food scraps, you can sign up today and for a small fee, we provide 64-gallon carts, liners, we train you and your staff and we pick up food waste from your business. We can create a pick-up schedule that fits your needs and help you reduce landfill space, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and put those nutrients back into Michigan soils.

Do you accept metal or wood from decks, fences, pallets or 2 x4s?

We cannot process treated wood, as it contains nails and chemicals that prevent a proper breakdown process. We do not accept any material that isn’t compostable including plastic, metal, and glass.

What kind of soils do you make?

We make STA Certified Compost, Spurt Dirt (which is a 50/50 garden mix), and we also make custom blends for commercial projects.

Are your soils screened?

Yes, we finely screen our soils to make sure no big rocks or sticks will be in our finished products.

How far in advance do I have to place an order?

We can deliver within 48 hours. Keep in mind that we do not work on the weekends, so deliveries are completed Monday-Friday. If you want to pick it up at our site, no appointment is needed.

What materials do you use to make your compost?

Our compost is made with 100% recycled organic materials. We use yard waste (grass clippings, leaves and small twigs), brush and logs (clean wood from trees), and food scraps.

What services do you offer?

-We deliver compost and soils to your home, farm, or job site. We do not offer spreading or landscaping services.

-We also provide dumping services at our site for organic waste.

-We offer food waste collections in Southern Lower Michigan.

What if I want to recycle my food waste but I don’t own a business?

You can bring your food scraps to our facility, and we can recycle them for a small fee. Contact us to learn more about the options available to residents.

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