Transforming waste into nutrient-rich soil amendments that are

100% natural, regularly tested and designed to enhance and maintain plant and soil conditions. Our soils benefit the environment and promote healthier plant growth.


Our compost is 100% natural, it can be used to improve soils in landscapes, home gardens, lawns, and farms. It provides rich organic humus for soil restoration and amendment, improves soil structure and aeration in heavy or compacted soils and water holding capacity in sandy soils. It contains beneficial soil bacteria and fungi for natural plant health and stabilizes pH while increasing nutrient availability.


It is a garden mix that has 50% compost and 50% mineral soils created especially for establishing and sustaining superior growth in flower beds, vegetable gardens and new lawns. It is an organic blend of compost and topsoil to provide optimum growing conditions for plants.


Designed for rain gardens, Enviroblend was created to act as a natural filtration product for stormwater runoff from large impermeable surfaces such as roof tops and parking lots using EPA & EGLE management guidelines. It filters the contaminated water from these areas, traps the sediment from within the water yielding a cleaner water stream. This blend has 1/3 sand, 1/3 topsoil and 1/3 compost and is made to order.


Have a specific soil need? We will custom blend soils for your application. Contact us for more information.

Spurt compost is STA certified by the US Composting Council.

This is the leading national certification for compost, requiring regular testing for more than 20 different parameters.

Delivery available

We can deliver 3 yards or a gravel train, depending on your needs. Pick-up & delivery in Metro Detroit available. Our delivery options are:

  • Small delivery:3-10 yards
  • Semi-truck: 30 yards
  • Gravel-train: 50 yards. 

Delivery fee is based on exact location. Contact us to schedule a delivery and receive your soil within 48 hrs.

Yard Waste accepted

Spurt accepts yard waste, dirt, sod, clean wood, stumps and other types of organic materials at our Wixom location.

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